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Shopping in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Islands are increasingly being targeted as a tourist destination of choice. While the islands have on offer several interesting attractions for occupying one's time like boating, scuba diving or even parasailing there are several other past times. Among this is the languorous pleasure of strolling along the quaint markets of Lakshadweep islands.

Shopping in Lakshadweep

The colorful array of handicrafts and curios made of seashells and coconuts shells as well as their by- products can be found in the Lakshadweep markets. Many of these pieces are rare and unique only to the islands. Among the various curios one may find on the island markets there are the exquisite array of jewelry fashioned out of all kinds of sea shells and various other materials and products like mother of pearl, etc obtained from the oysters. There is also a large variety of fresh water and sea water pearls on display and for sale on the various islands especially Bangaram which is known for its deep sea diverse.

Things to Buy in Lakshadweep

Seeing the beautiful underwater world most often tourists are tempted to keep it close to themselves as a permanent reminder of the beauties of this water world. The Lakshadweep islanders understand these charismatic effects of their environment on all visitors. Therefore, they are adept at the art of creating realistic aquarium which is attractive enough to showcase their realistic representations. These aquariums are a great draw for the tourists and they always come with at least one such souvenir. These beautiful aquariums pose a special lure for most travelers who are from cosmopolitan cities as these colorful reminders bring to their lives the beauty and tranquility of the Lakshadweep islands into their very homes.

Unique Necklaces in LakshadweepAlong with the aquariums there are many more rare items. These are the large variety of home-use articles fashioned out of tortoise shells. These shells are used to make seats, planters, tables, lamps and lamps shades apart from containers and all forms of collections that can be the pride of any ones possession. In most homes these tortoise shells articles give a feeling of longevity to their owner and create a feeling of awe admiration among visitors and their relatives who see them. In fact these works of unusual art are great conversation pieces wherever they may be taken. There is a large variety of items made out these tortoise shells. The mainstay of all life on the islands is products from the surrounding water body or from the flora and fauna on the island itself. Thus, the local artisans have been utilizing this talent to frame beautiful artifacts, jewelry, decorative items from sea shells and oysters as well coconut shells. As they are unique to the islands they have a lasting appeal and allure for all those visiting the islands and seeing such wonderful things for the first time in their lives.

Packaged food is another great attraction for the avid shopper who roams the quaint little markets and tiny curiosity shops and later the attraction is the food stores when hungry. Tinned tuna is an all-time favorite. Another fish food favorite is the curried fish which is canned and a hot selling item. Just as preferred is the fish biscuits which is processed and tinned in large quantities. These biscuits are enjoyed by young and old alike and in several instances they are a very healthy supplement for the elderly as well as the growing up children as they offer a host of nutrients that add to their diet.

Where to Shop in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep, thankfully, has maintained its pristine environment and not destroyed its sky line and with the construction of large shopping complexes or malls on the islands.

The tourists keen on shopping can have a delightful experience going through the tiny shops strewn across in markets on the islands. There are several roads side stalls that sell all kinds of exotic ware. There are also a large number of portable beach stores that are an exciting pass time for the casual shopper. The most interesting fact is that a number of fascinating pieces of art work can turn up at these portable stores that keep changing place from time to time.

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