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Emergency Services in Lakshadweep

In order to deal with all the emergencies in Lakshadweep, there are several hospitals, ambulance services, blood banks, police stations, etc that operate 24 hours. These services are large enough to handle any emergency and reduce the impact of the same. Lakshadweep has very selective emergency services that are provided below along with their complete contact details.

Emergency in Lakshadweep

Police Hotlines in Lakshadweep

Maintaining the law and order in Lakshadweep is the sole responsibility of Lakshadweep Police. Superintendent of Police is the higher police authority who undertakes the responsibility of maintaining any emergency in this Union Territory. Several police stations are spread all over Lakshadweep that operates 24 hours. The details of all the police emergency numbers in Lakshadweep is provided below along with their contact numbers.

Superintendent of Police
Kavaratti, Lakshadweep - 682555
Phone No.: 4896-262750, 262258, 262239

Deputy Superintendent of Police
Kavaratti Islands, Kavaratti, Lakshadweep - 682555
Phone No.: 4896-262367, 262332

Police Control Room
Kavaratti Islands, Kavaratti
Lakshadweep - 682555
Phone No.: 4896-263100, 263100

Lakshadweep Police, Special Branch
Phone No.: 2668722

Lakshadweep Police
Phone No.: 2769059

Circle Inspector of Police
Lakshadweep - 682559
Phone No.: 4892-222232, 222272

Ambulance Services in Lakshadweep

Indira Gandhi Hospital has dedicated ambulance service that serve at the time of an emergency in Lakshadweep. The detail to contact ambulance service in Lakshadweep is provided below.

Indira Gandhi Ambulance Service
Kavaratti, Lakshadweep - 682555
Phone No.: 4896-262327, 262240

Fire Stations in Lakshadweep

There is one fire station in Lakshadweep which was established in the year 2000. It operates 24 hours to ensure the safety of Lakshadweep from any threat of fire. It can be contacted at the number provided below.

Fire Station, Minicoy
Phone No.: 04892-222232

Blood Banks in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep has only one blood bank that is maintained by government hospital. Indira Gandhi Hospital has dedicated blood bank to serve the patients of this hospitals along with meeting the blood requirements of some private hospitals in Lakshadweep. Details to contact blood bank in Lakshadweep is provided below.

Indira Gandhi Hospital
Blood Bank, Indira Gandhi Hospital
Kavaratti, Lakshadweep

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